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Course and Practical Treatment – Acid deterioration of leather and approaches to its conservation

Course and Practical Treatment – Acid deterioration of leather and approaches to its conservation

TBC | £400
TBC | £400

Taught by Dr. Anne Lama, University of Northampton, Rosie Bolton and Arianne Panton, Leather Conservation Centre

An opportunity to become trained in and carry out the Aluminium Alkoxide and Oxazolidine II treatment for red rot under the guidance of conservators from the Leather Conservation Centre. Students are encouraged to bring an object along with them for treatment.

This course will be held at the Institute for Creative Leather Technologies, University of Northampton.

Acid deterioration (or red rot) of leather is found in many different contexts and can lead to the complete disintegration of historic leathers. This course teaches participants about the causes of acid deterioration in leather and methods of identifying it in collections. Participants will be introduced to past conservation approaches and how these have aged, as well as current techniques and emerging technologies.

Participants will be introduced to research carried out by the Leather Conservation Centre on the use of Aluminium Alkoxide and Oxazolidine II as a conservation treatment and have the opportunity to undertake the treatment during the course with guidance.

This course is intended for practicing conservators working with leather and will include an element of leather chemistry. It also involves handling hazardous chemicals so experience of this is essential, PPE will be provided. The course will be restricted to 5 participants for practical purposes and to allow for maximum interaction and discussion.

Delivery and collection of objects will need to be arranged beforehand. Please note there is an off-gassing period.

Course outline

·       What is red rot? – Presentation on the factors and chemistry behind the deterioration process.

·       Identification of red rot – Demonstration and practical session on various methods used to identify red rot in leather.

·       Approaches to conservation – Presentation and discuss on conservation methods and ethical considerations.

·       Treatment of red rot using Aluminium Alkoxide and Oxazolidine II – practical session for participants to carry out treatment.

Refreshments will be provided but please bring lunch with you. Please let us know in advance if you have any specific mobility requirements.

Enquiries and bookings should be made via the email link.


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