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The LCC operates a full conservation studio offering a comprehensive preservation service, from analysis and identification of materials to full conservation treatment and advice on caring for objects. The team also offer consultation and advice on preservation issues.

Leather and skin materials form the basis of a huge range of objects, from the utilitarian and industrial to fine works of art.  The conservation team have a deep understanding of skin materials and firm grounding in conservation ethics, meaning that all projects benefit from high standards and thoughtful approach throughout.

The LCC team are also experienced in the treatment of composite materials commonly found alongside leather and skin. The team have a wide network of specialist associates for collaboration where necessary.

The LCC works for a wide range of clients nationally and internationally.

Our conservation services include:

  • ID and Analysis
  • Interventive treatment
  • Condition Assessment
  • Collection Survey
  • Storage and Display Services
  • Preventive Conservation
  • Conservation Packaging
  • Consultation Services
  • Specialist Research

Please get in touch with the details of your project and a member of the conservation team will be able to assist you.



Our team


The Leather Conservation Centre
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